With Great Power Comes.....

With Great Power Comes.....

Posted on: 19 May, 2018

With great power ... the usual end to that quote is “comes great responsibility”. And I guess that is true in the world that I work in too. I live and work in the world of escorts and escort agencies. Strictly speaking, I work with sexy high class escorts in all sorts of exotic locations around the top resorts in the Mediterranean including Marbella, Ibiza, Barcelona and a host of others. And trust me, the women that those agencies work with have real power over their male clients. Their sexual desirability and pure sex appeal gives them the power of sexual allure, what the author Catherine Hakim refers to as erotic capital.

But escorts do not just hold sexual power over men. And escort agencies are not just the gate keepers to the power of erotic capital, though that power is real and considerable. But high class escorts and the escort agencies that they work with such as The Tenerife Escort Agency also have the kind of power that lawyers, priests and accountants hold. The power of secrets that they will never share. They hold and keep safe the deepest and darkest secrets that their clients possess. The kind of secrets that clients might not even admit to themselves in their waking and sober hours. High class escorts know the kinds of things that the average tabloid newspaper would love to get their hands on.

But have you ever noticed that if an escort is ever involved in any kind of expose, she is the victim of it. Escorts almost never break break the unwritten code of honour that says that a clients secrets must remain just that – secrets. I work with hundreds of escorts every year, and they and the escort agencies they work with in turn deal with thousands of clients. And not one of the escorts that I have known has ever broken a client secret, and nor has an escort agency ever broken client confidentiality.

You could be cynical and say that escorts and escort agencies keep secrets because of the fear of reciprocal exposure. But if you give it any serious thought, that makes no sense. Especially in Spain where the whole sex industry is perfectly legal. Instead, it is just the honourable way that the industry works.