Why Male Escorts Are More Organized Than Women Escorts

Posted on: 12 June, 2017

I got into a discussion lately with a senior colleague. Our conversation, even though not lengthy, was enough to open my eyes to a comparison I never thought my mind would have churned up. The basis of our discussion was between male and women escorts which were more in number. I love to back up my points with facts so I flipped open my tablet and did a random search on Google and voila, my sentiment was confirmed. Ok, I forgot to mention here that my friend and I are male escorts working with one of the respected escort agency. Immediately I was done with my random search, I spoke up,

“Male escorts are more in number of course,” then I turned to show him the statistics my search has brought up. There are just a handful of women escorts’ agencies than there are for men.in fact, finding an escort agency sternly devoted to women was like answering a question in genetic engineering. I felt good to myself as I schooled my senior colleague. He did not object to any of my points – I mean, how could he when the facts and figures are staring him in the face?

He allowed me to speak without interruption and when I was done, he dropped the bombshell,

“Why do you think it is so?”

I never expected that. It took me off guard and I lost my confidence. My voice broke into repeated “ehmm…” then a mumble before it trailed off completely. My ego has finally been pricked with what seemed like a very simple question. There are many reasons why I decided not to speak. I am a smart fellow – yeah, I have to blow my trumpet – and I know that hitherto, the population of women in the world is almost double that of the men. Basing my argument on population was the first idea that popped into my head but I immediately dismissed it on the grounds that women were more. Probability – or what people call chance – increases as the test population increases. So, based on that, one could safely conclude that the population of escorts should have been more than the male escorts.

Then I tried to reason from the point that there are more male escort agencies than there are for women – which is obviously true –but again I did not have the points to back it up. Even though I know I was right, I know the next question that would follow would be even more disastrous so I decided to quit the fight.

“I don’t know.” I owned up finally, “What do you think is the problem?”
He smiled as if he had been viewing the battle in my head on a cinema screen.
“It is simple my friend,” he said victoriously, “the problem is that there are more male escort agencies than women escorts agencies.”
“I thought of that already. So why do you think this is so?” I decided to fire back at him with the same bullet I assume he must have reserved to fire at me. If you caught a glance of my expression at that time, you would have discovered how much low my spirit has become. My personality is such that I hate losing arguments – not as if I always argue to win, but I pre-equip myself with enough facts and information to make sure that losing is not an option.
“Ok, let me explain. There are more male escort agencies than women’s agencies and not more male escorts than female escorts.”
I thought for a while. His comparison was logical.
He continued to speak, “but since there are not much women escort agencies, most of the women operate as solo escorts which mean their operation is not tracked by your Google, and that information will never be available to you unless you get to the street and do the investigation yourself."
His points were simple and sinking in but I didn’t want to let him off so easily so I fired again, “So what do you think is the problem here.”
“Simple. Men are more cooperating than women. It will take incredible effort to manage women’s agency which is the reason why many investors shy away from that. And the problem, I think, is due to innate female jealousy”.