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Posted on: 10,September 2018

What Do Escorts Think Of Married Men?

There are exceptions of course. Some clients are exceptionally hot and sexy, or charming, or wealthy and that makes them attracive. But it is a damned rare occurrence, and any relationship that starts that way rarely goes well. The girls have it in the back of their head that the men will be cheating on them, and the men have it in their imagination just how many men have had – or still have – sex with their girl friends because they are girls who escort Barcelona clients for money. And the men also tend to dwell, of course, on the type of sex that they are having. Their imaginations go wild in a bad way.

But for married men, most escorts feel pretty sorry for them. A man who can not get validation, affection, or companionship any other way has a pretty crappy life. But on the other hand, their experience of men as a sex worker also makes escorts distrustful and wary of men and relationships. Every escort has seen so many married men as clients that it is hardly surprising that they would find it impossible to expect men to be loyal after that experience.

Professional escorts also find men baffling. They can not understand why married men can not simply be honest with their wives or partners about their sexual wants and their emotional needs. The truth is that if they were able to do that, a lot of escorts would be out of business pretty damned fast!