We Are All The Same In The Dark

We Are All The Same In The Dark

Posted on: 10,September 2018

We all feel the same in the dark. Sex workers – especially professional high class escorts who spend more time with each client than other sex workers and so get to know them better – know things about men that the average woman does not. In the same way that they reckon it takes ten thousand hours of conscious practise to achieve mastery of a skill or subject, the more men that you have sex with, the more you understand what men want from sex. Simple really, but never really considered, certainly not by civilian women. So here is one of the things that most women – or men – realise about sex. We all feel the same in the dark.

Whether you’re talking about professional escort girl or male clients, body parts all feel similar in the dark. Some things are bigger or smaller, softer of harder, wetter or drier. But that is pretty much it, to be perfectly honest. The truth is that no matter how much they peruse the escort agency photos for the perfect Malaga escort, or how selective they appear to be at the “line up” a brothel or even in deciding who to approach on the dance floor or at the bar, men are really not that fussy when the lights go out.

To put it simply, men are not nearly as picky about your appearance when they start to touch a woman, particularly once the lights go out. And in reverse, the aged wrinkly bear with hairy ear lobes can turn into And, your elderly, wrinkled client with floppy ear lobes can turn into John Holmes when a woman has only her senses of touch and taste to judge things by. As the Chinese say “In the dark, all cats are grey”.

One of the little secrets that is rarely shared by professional sex workers with their amatuer sisters is that lots of escort girls find they can become quite turned on, even with their most visally unappealing of male clients. Once the lights are snuffed out and you find yourself relying solely on physical sensations and your imagination, all bets are off for how will respond with any given individual.