Posted on: 05 June, 2018

If you look through history, being a courtesan was almost an honourable profession. Beautiful women aspired to become the lovers and confidants of great and powerful men. In this different age the choices for woman were limited, it was difficult to be your own woman and even more difficult to be a woman on your own. Unless you had access to funds via a bequest or family money what did you do to live? Unmarried woman became the governess or a ladies maid or fell upon the charity of family. Working class woman worked in the grand houses or in the pits and mills alongside men for much less money and were still expected to have children and run the home.


So how glamorous it must have seemed to be a courtesan.And because the profession was such an accepted part of pretty much all societies, from Japanese Geisha to the official `post of “Queen´s Mistress” in France. It was only puritan America that had a problem with it.. Oh how some things stay the same no matter how other things change. It is unlikely that a Marbella escort who has a powerful man as her patron will have the kind of official status that such women had historically, but then again just take a look at the Middleton sisters. But I digress, albeit not by very much.


In exchange for money these ladies provided beauty and much more. Obviously sex was part of the job description but if you look at the now famous sexy women who filled these roles wit and charm would often play an integral part. These ladies often stood beside these men of power providing comfort advice insight and inspiration. They became much more than a sexual partner. And as a valued and trusted individual a status of sorts become the norm. Let us remember that many marriages where not for pleasure but rather a contract between powerful families, business or countries. A marriage was a duty and a courtesan was for pleasure and entertainment. And many of the women were witty and frank in ways that were unheard of in “polite” society”. When Nell Gwynn´s coach driver was involved in a fight to defend her honour after someone called her a whore she said “I AM a whore. Find something else to fight about.”