Military Tactics In The Sex Industry

Posted on: 18 July, 2018

A recent innovation in bandage material has been made that has significantly improved clotting ability compared to gauze bandages. These new bandages contain a mixture of ground shrimp shells and vinegar, a mixture that has been found to clot blood almost instantly. The chitosan in the shrimp shells has a positive charge, while the cells present in the blood have a negative charge. The negative charge of the cell is attracted to the positive charge of the chitosan. As soon as they touch, the cells fuse to the chitosan and form a clot. Bandages of this type are already in use by the United States military. 

What is the relevance of that to the sex industry? Well, apart from the fact that my head of security now has a set of these bandages in his portable medical kit and all the bug out bags that we have in different locations, to go with the packets of quick cloth that he has had in there forever. Well, it is simple really. Running a decent sized and successful escort agency and making a success of working with the sexiest escorts Las Palmas can provide is very much like running a military campaign and an army unit. Your strategy can be complex, subtle and sophisticated, but you have to always remember that it is going to be delivered by people who might not always be regarded as the sharpest tool in the box. So any strategy has to be reduced to tactics and steps that can be performed by idiots. Because the chances are that they will have to be.

Oh, and no strategy survives contact with enemy. On the same theme, here are some other rules from the military that apply equally to running an escort agency. Well, any business in the sex industry to be honest. Lap dancing bar, strip club, cam girl site, brothel, whatever. Here they are.

Friendly fire – isn’t. Someone who screws you over by accident is still screwing you over. 

If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.

Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself.

Never forget that your weapon (web site, payment gateway whatever) was made by the lowest bidder.

If your web site search engine optimisation is going really well, Google are about to mess it up.